Crazy Laws In African Countries

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Crazy Laws In African Countries.

 Guinea laws

It is illegal to name a child “Monica”.


Sudan laws

It is against the law for men and women to sit together, without a chaperone.


Ghana laws

In Ghana, there are laws that govern how many movies an actor can be in, over a set period of time.


Nigeria laws

In Nigeria, it is illegal to import beer, mineral water, soft drinks, sparkling wine and fruits.


Mauritius laws

sex toys are illegal.


Nigeria laws

child marriages are legal.


Morocco laws

rape victims can be charged with crimes.


Anyone in the company of someone who possesses narcotics, even if they are unaware of their existence, can be tried for the same crime. The maximum sentence for possession of narcotics in Morocco is 10 years.


Equatorial Guinea laws

The citizens of Equatorial Guinea are not allowed to read literature from outside the country and are seriously discouraged from reading in general. There are no bookstores and newsstands to speak of anywhere in the country. The only newspaper circulating in the country is censored.


Eritrea laws

Eritrea requires people to register their faiths before they can practice. While official religions like Catholicism and Islam are recognized, some sects like Jehovah’s Witnesses, the Bahá’í Faith, the Seventh-day Adventist Church and other non-protestant Evangelical denominations cannot worship freely and face arrest.


Mauritania laws

Apostasy (renunciation of a religious belief) is punishable under Mauritanian Criminal Code. The law states that “any Muslim guilty of the crime of apostasy is to be given the opportunity to repent within three days. If the accused does not repent within that period, he/she is to be sentenced to death, and all of his/her property shall be confiscated by the government.”


Chad laws

It is against the law to take photographs in the country unless a permit has been obtained beforehand.


Egypt laws

you could be detained or arrested if you use binoculars near an airport.

Somalia laws

It is illegal to carry old chewing gum, by sticking it to the tip of your nose.


South Africa laws

Photos of the President’s House. Last year, the South African government announced that it was banning the taking and publicizing of images of the home of President Jacob Zuma, even amongst established media outlets. Naturally, plenty of newspapers defied the ban and published pictures of the home anyway.

Mozambique laws

It is illegal to paint your house in Mozambique, without first obtaining permission from the municipality.


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